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Fire Hats and Fire Helmets

Nationwide Distributor of Plastic Fire Hats & Helmets

Colorfully Yours has a wide range of quality fire hats and helmets to choose from that are available for kids of all ages. Choose from our selection of specially designed helmets and our new designs, or you can be unique and choose a cool custom hat. But whatever sort of hat or helmet you choose, you will be getting a quality product. With our products, your children can envision themselves as future fire fighters and understand the dangers caused by fire.

Great Selection of Fire Helmets & Fire Hats

Our Fire Hats & Fire Helmets Are Great For Kids Of All Ages!

We are best known for our great selection of fire safety coloring books for kids, however, we also have a wide variety of other fun products and toys for kids. This includes our selection of fire hats and fire helmets that are perfect for kids of all ages. We have many different and distinct helmets for kids to play firefighter. This can be a fun way to teach your child about fire safety and the dangers fires can cause.

Durable Elastic Straps

Our fire hats and helmets are made of quality materials that have a long lifespan. Kids can be rough with whatever toys or items they get, so we make sure our products last. One of the best aspects of these hats and helmets are the elastic straps that are used in the manufacturing. These straps provide the user with a comfortable hold that won't wear out quickly. Elastic straps on hats can deteriorate quickly, but with our quality straps, those worries go out the window. 

Kids Plastic Fire Hats and Fire Helmets Supplier

Call For Wholesale Pricing Options

Colorfully Yours proudly distributes their fire hats and fire helmets to kids around the country. View our selection of products below. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us today. On top of these helmets, we also carry fire education coloring books. If you are interested in any of our products, please give us a call: (631) 242-8600. Ask about our wholesale pricing options when it comes to our distribution for our kids plastic fire hats and fire helmets. We look forward to hearing from you!